Fear vs. Freedom


Have you ever known you just HAD to do something, but were absolutely terrified to do it?

I remember when I was in my teens, going to the community swimming pool. They had a 10 and a 30 foot platform. I kept thinking how much I wanted to jump off the 30 foot platform, but I was absolutely terrified to do it. I had jumped off the 10 foot platform many times before and that was no big deal, but being on the edge of the 30 footer and looking down would send my heart racing and my head spinning! Until the day I decided to just jump. What did I have to lose? I wasn’t going to hurt myself. I was just scared. Once I made that decision, it was easy-peasy. When I arrived, I dropped my stuff off on a lawn chair and made my way up the stairs. It was like I was on auto-pilot. I never stopped. I walked up and walked right off the edge! I didn’t even think about it.

Fast-forward to today. I have been meaning to record a video all week, but something always “got in the way”:

  • The internet connection is too slow
  • I have to make dinner
  • I don’t have any make-up on
  • My boyfriend’s gonna hear me and I’ll be embarrassed
  • Ooh… Look! A butterfly!

Any excuse was a good excuse. And it was gnawing at me. All week, it was like the pink elephant in the room. I think the discomfort wore me down. I finally decided that I had enough excuses (and I actually did have make-up on) and I picked up my phone and started recording.

And guess what happened? I screwed up! I started it and re-recorded it 4 or 5 times. The first time because my stand fell over. Then my boyfriend walked right in the middle of the shoot. Then I decided I wasn’t lively enough and thought it would be better if I stood up, so I had to set myself up all over again. BUT, I DID it! I felt such a sense of accomplishment and I wondered what the heck took me so long to do it!

So next time you know you just HAVE to do something but you’re afraid, think about this:

  1. Get out of your own head!! We can be our worst enemies. I know I was all week, imagining all kinds of “worst-case scenarios” that were nothing but my fear speaking out loud
  2. Ask yourself what is holding you back? What are you really afraid of? Is it a rational fear?
  3. All it takes is for you to make the decision to do it. Once you’ve made the decision, the rest is easy. It’s the sitting on the fence part that is hard to deal with
  4. Expect things to work out for the best. Little by little, I have started to really feel like the Universe is conspiring in my favor. Believe it WILL be alright and if it isn’t you’ll be able to deal with it
  5. How good will you feel once you’ve done it?!?! OMG! I feel fabulous! It’s one less thing for you to think about and to have to deal with. You can finally move on to bigger and better, rather than being stuck in this loop
  6. Then ask yourself this: What did I learn? How bad was it really? Why did I worry about it so much? Then, next time you’re in a similar position, think back about what you accomplished and tackle that challenge like a BOSS!

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